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Plants that tell stories - the cultural heritage of plant genetic resources

The 17th - 18th of November 2008 a seminar titled "Plants that tell stories - the cultural heritage of plant genetic resources" was held in Hillerød in Denmark. Here you can find the seminar programme with links to abstracts of the presentations.

The history of our cultivated plants, and their meaning for our livelihood and culture in the Nordic countries, have in recent years become topics of enormous interest both to scholars and scientists and to the general public.

In response to globalization, interest in our own culture is steadily growing. We seek out our cultural roots in a more rural society. Traditions of farming and gardening, of cooking and sharing food in local communities, of using plants for treating illness and maintaining health, have become important elements of our identity.

In the increasing focus on New Nordic Food, the origin and history of our plants play a vital role in defining the essence of our region, and the plants contribute a key element of authenticity to our food. The connections between local customs and traditions and plant products linked to a specific geographical origin are prerequisites to development of our Nordic cuisine, which is not only gaining interest in our own region but globally.

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Sidansvarig:  Morten Rasmussen


A small skipper's garden at Strynø, Denmark. The garden is a delightful blend of vegetables and flowers. To the left the owner, called Kirstin Captain. Photo: Helle Ravn

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Seminar programme with links to abstracts

List of participants

Collaboration and networking between participants of the seminar

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