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CWR - Crop Wild Relatives

What is a Crop Wild Relative?

A Crop Wild Relative (CWR) is a wild species that is closely related to a cultivated crop. It can for example include wild relatives of food crops such as of cereals, vegetables and fruits, or relatives of fodder and forage crops.

Why are Crop Wild Relatives important?

CWRs are one of the tools that can be used to address future challenges on food security, adaptation to climate change, and a sustainable environmentally friendly agriculture. The close relationship between crops and their wild relatives means that traits from CWRs can be transferred to the crop. As modern cultivars may lack the desired variation, diversity found in CWRs can be essential for adaptation to new demands on the crops. CWRs can for example contain variation in resistance to pests and diseases, tolerance to cold, waterlogging or adaptation to large seasonal differences in day-length in the Nordic region.

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Anna Palmé