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Seed deposits to Svalbard

Seed deposits to Svalbard from 9 institutes

Two new institutes joined the group of gene banks depositing seeds to Svalbard Global Seed Vault this week; University of Banja Luka in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory in Singapore.


The Genetic Resource Institute in Banja Luka sent seed samples of 8 cereal species and Singapore deposited rice samples for security storage in The Seed Vault. The seeds from Singapore were handed over to the Norwegian Minister of Food and Agriculture Jon Georg Dale during a state visit from Singapore earlier this month.

Altogether 29 boxes containing 9866 seed samples of more than 300 different species were brought into the Seed Vault on Tuesday the 18th of October.

The other seven depositor institutes had already seed boxes from previous deposits in place in the vault. Four of the depositing institutes this time were international CGIAR centers; IITA in Nigeria, ICRISAT in India, CIP in Peru and CIAT in Colombia. CIAT had the biggest contribution at this occasion and sent 12 boxes containing 4392 accessions of beans and forage plants.

In addition to these a significant number of barley genotypes were sent from Okayama University in Japan and samples of 13 different species of food and forage plants were sent from the national gene bank collection in Burundi.

NordGen also deposited seed to Svalbard this time; three boxes containing almost hundred different species. Including the deposit this week NordGen has sent seeds to Svalbard eight times since the Seed Vault opening in 2008 and has now 46 boxes with 21123 seed samples in the vault.