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Successful grazing conference

NordGen in collaboration with the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland arranged a 3-day multi-disciplinary conference on grazing in a changing Nordic region, September 12-15 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The conference gathered together 98 participants from 17 different countries.The focus of the conference was on the contribution of grazing to climate change adaptation, food security, biodiversity and environmental issues, regional livelihoods, and other ecosystem services.

During the first day four invited speakers set the scene by introducing the main themes of the conference. During the afternoon's field trip participants were able to see both sustainably managed and overgrazed landscapes. The second day of the conference offered a total of 24 contributing talks and 13 posters in four sessions: Grazing - Contribution to food security, Linking sustainability with support policies, Grazing - History and Future and Grazing, environment and climate - friends or foes? Each session was followed by lively session-wise discussion. Main conclusions of each session were forwarded by the rapporteurs to the common discussion session of the conference's last day. A summary document, a policy brief, will be written based on the main common conclusions of the conference.

The abstract book, invited talks and some of the contributing presentations are available on the conference website.

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