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Growing Mixed Forests - waste or value for the future?

The NordGen Forest Conference 2016 was arranged on 20-21 September in Växjö and Asa research station in the South of Sweden.

Please find the presentations from the Conference here!

Topics covered establishment of forest, management, ecology, damages, pests and market opportunities for wood products - all with an ambition to focus on regeneration of mixed forests, for the benefit of economy, biodiversity and climate change adaptation!

Please see the full program for the Conference here!

NordGen Forest Conference 2017:

The next NordGen Forest Conference will be held in Denmark in September 2017. More information soon to come!


Sidansvarig:  Kjersti Bakkebø Fjellstad


Photo: Arne Steffenrem, NIBIO


Photo:Karine Bogsti, NIBIO