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Visions Nordic pre-breeding cooperation

A seminar and partner meeting about visions for Nordic pre-breeding collaboration is held in Reykjavik, Iceland, February 26-28, 2014.

Visions for Nordic pre-breeding collaboration

Public Private Partnership for Pre-Breeding

Seminar & Partner meeting, Reykjavik 26th - 28th February 2014

Scope of the meeting:

  • Exchange of visions for future Nordic pre-breeding, gaps and needs.
  • Discussions about priorities in traits and breeding goals for future Nordic crops.
  • Information about current status on climate change impacts, agriculture policies and strategies in the Nordic-Baltic region.
  • Conclusions to feed into strategic paper to be produced by the PPP-SC to prepare EK-FJLS meeting 9rh April 2014 and Minister meeting June 2014.

 Plant breeding entities, universities, policymakers, national ministries, other stakeholders

 Nordic countries and Baltic states


Program (download program, pdf):

Thursday 27th, morning: Seminar 

A) Setting the Scene:

Chair: Thorfi Jóhannesson, Ministry of Industries and Innovation, Reykjavik, Iceland. Welcome, Sigurður Ingi Jóhannesson, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture.

Why is public plant breeding important in the Nordic region? Prof. Áslaug Helgadóttir, AUI, Iceland.

Climate change impacts in the Nordic region. Prof. Lars Bärring, CEC, LU, Sweden.

Strategies to meet future challenges in agriculture: productivity, environmental concerns and climate changes. Jan Eksvärd, LRF, Sweden.

Preserving Nordic competitiveness for food security. Max Schulman, MTK, Finland.

B) Potential of Nordic plant breeding and joint pre-breeding

Chair: Thorsteinn Tómasson, Iceland.

National initiatives for plant breeding. Anne-Kathrine Mandrup, NAER, Denmark.

Plant breeding and breeding technologies as a tool to meet targets for environmental policies. Carina Knorpp, Landsbygdsdepartementet, Sweden.

Impact on Nordic plant production from the use of genetic resources in plant breeding; - past, present and future. Prof. Åsmund Björnstad, UMB, Norway.

Evaluation and use of stress tolerance in barley genetic resources, Prof. Kazuhiro Sato, Okayama University, Barley Germplasm Center, Japan. 

Challenges for Baltic plant breeding, taking into account national policies, resources and marked demands. Dir. Mati Koppel, Estonian Institute of Plant Breeding, Estonia.

Expectations from 2 partners on future PPP collaboration:

  a) Dir. Jens Kristian Olsen, LKF Vandel Denmark

  b) Director, Plant Breeding, Merja Veteläinen, Boreal Plant Breeding, Finland.

C) Workshop: Need for future pre-breeding in the Nordic region, which traits are most important, which should be the focus for future PPP collaboration?

Chair: Prof. Roland von Bothmer.

Nordic crop & breeding landscape – status 2013/14. Morten Rasmussen, NordGen.

Introduction to Workshop – Stende Concept Note. Anders Nilsson, SLU Sweden.

Thursday 27th, afternoon: Workshop, 3 parallel sessions

     A) Working group: Agriculture, cereal & oil crops. Facilitator: Breeding mananger & Prof. Ahmed Jahoor, Nordic Seed, Denmark.

     B) Working group: Agriculture, forage & protein crops. Facilitator: Prof. Odd Arne Rognli. UMB, Norway.

     C) Working group: Horticulture, fruits & vegetables, roots and tubers. Facilitator: Prof. Hilde Nybom, SLU, Sweden.

Thursday 27th, evening: Short partnership meeting

Short meeting between Nordic plant breeding entities and associated Baltic plant breeders

Friday 28th, morning: Workshop, Reporting, Discussion & Conclusions

D) Reporting from working groups

Chair: Anders Nilsson, SLU, Sweden

Short introduction Anders Nilsson / Morten Rasmussen

Reporting from the working groups

Discussion of reports.

Moderator: Prof. Roland von Bothmer

E) Conclusion of seminar and workshop

Moderator: Prof. Roland von Bothmer

Proposal for conclusions. Prof. Áslaug Helgadóttir, AUI, Iceland.

Continued discussions.

Final conclusions. Prof. Áslaug Helgadóttir, AUI, Iceland.

End of workshop