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Nordic meeting: Conservation and use of old potato varieties October 23, 2012, Ås, Norway


The establishment of the NordGen potato collection, underlying principles, registration, evaluation and election of varieties for a Nordic collection, by Sigurgeir Olafsson, Iceland, member of the NGB Potato working group.

Status of the NordGen potato collection; conservation, security measures, plant health aspects and use, by Svein Solberg, NordGen.

Establishing a Norwegian potato variety gene bank collection and possible set up for multiplying material and distribution to users, by Åsmund Asdal, Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre.

Considering the need for supplementary surveys of old potato varieties and national follow up in the Nordic countries. Current use and potential demand for old potato varieties in the countries, by National PGR programme representatives

  • for Sweden, by Katarina Wedelsbäck-Bladh, POM
  • for Denmark, by Hanne Grethe Kirk, Landbrugets Kartoffelfond, Vandel
  • for Finland, by Veli-Matti Rokka, MTT Agrifood Research Finland
  • for Iceland, by Sigurgeir Olafsson

Methods for virus cleansing and in vitro conservation of potato varieties, by Dag- Ragnar Blystad, Bioforsk.

In vitro and cryoconservation of potato landraces at VIR, by Tatjana Gavrilenko, Department of Biotechnology, Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry, St.Petersburg.

In vitro preservation and distribution of potato genetic resources in Estonia, by Katrin Kotkas, Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture, Dep. Plant Biotechnology EVIKA.

Bioactive compounds of native potato species from the Vavilov Institute, by Veli-Matti Rokka, MTT Agrifood Research Finland.

Current and future use of gene bank potato material and potential value for potato breeding, by Kirsten Topp, Graminor.

Use of old potato varieties by hobby users and members of Seed Savers organisations, by Stephen Barstow, coordinator of Norwegian Seed Savers.

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