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Meeting on conservation and use of old potato varieties, Ås 2012

A meeting on conservation and use of old potato varieties was held in Ås, Norway, on October 23, 2012, and it was arranged by the Norwegian Genetic Resource Center.

The former Nordic Gene Bank (today NordGen) and its working group on potatoes collected and investigated old Nordic potato varieties in the 1980's. The work concluded by establishing a common Nordic potato collection comprising 64 varieties and landraces and by publishing a book about the varieties “Potet i Norden”.  

Due to recent developments and legislative arrangements, Norway have established a Norwegian potato variety gene bank in cooperation with Bioforsk and Graminor at Ås. The purpose of this meeting was to inform about the Norwegian set up for conservation and distribution of material and to discuss cooperation about conservation and use in neighbouring countries.

The meeting gathered participants from NordGen, the Nordic - Baltic countries and Russia.

Sidansvarig:  Lena Ansebo


A peak at the Norwegian collection of potato varieties.



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