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Thematic trip to Sweden

In March 2013 a small group representing nurseries, regional forest management and forest owners from Hedmark, Norway made a trip to Sweden, to learn from nurseries there. The goal of the trip was to look at different production forms for mechanical treatment against the pine weevil, including the effect of such treatment, equipment and investments needed.


Photo: Dag Skjølaas

The trip was supported by funds from NordGen Forest.

The nurseries in Sweden base much of their production on waxing the forest plants to protect against the pine weevil. Lugnets Plantskola is using Conniflex treatment. The Norwegian guests were well received and got a holistic description of the line of production. The nurseries highlighted the importance of effective logistics and measures for optimalisation of the production chain.

For the sake of effective production, Svenska Skogsplantors “Microplant” received special attention. The seedlings are grown in trays with 828 holes. The repotting was done with a robot device. This impressed the guests, but is not suited for the current Norwegian sorting rules.

Waxing and Conniflex treatment of seedlings implie high investments from the nurseries.  Calculations show that the cost of the seedling will increase  with SEK 0,30 for waxing and SEK 1,- for the use of Conniflex. But this is still much better than risking a replanting. Tests show that any kind of mechanical treatment (Merit Forest, Bugstop, Conniflex) will have a good effect compared to untreated plants. Today 1/3 of all Swedish plant production is treated mechanically, and the number is increasing.

NordGen Forest scholarships aims at supporting education, continuing education and knowledge exchange for persons working or studying within forest seed or plant production, regeneration methods and tree breeding in the Nordic countries. The deadline for applications is 15 February. Trysil planteskole was one of 3 receivers of funds from NordGen in 2013. More information about the trip to the Swedish nurseries in Norwegian here.