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ECPGR/AEGIS Forage workshop 2013

The ECPGR Working Group for Forages held a workshop at NordGen in April 2013. The main aim of the workshop was to continue the work towards the establishment of a European Collection consisting of unique and important accessions (AEGIS accessions). This was the second of two such workshops, of which the first was held in Hungary in 2012.

After some follow up activities, 8 966 AEGIS forage accessions were confirmed by the holding institutes. A large number of potential candidates (14 051) were also identified. In addition, the issue of the inclusion of characterization and evaluation data into the central forage data bases was discussed.

For more information on the meeting and detailed results, please see the full report on the homepage of ECPGR Forages Working Group.




Contact person, NordGen: Anna Palmé