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Venue and travelling

The workshop will be held in Wageningen, the Netherlands in ‘De Hof van Wageningen’.

How to reach the Hof of Wageningen from Schiphol airport by public transport
At Schiphol airport (main Dutch airport near Amsterdam) you buy a train ticket for Ede-Wageningen, after you bought the ticket you go to railway platform 1 or 2 and this train leaves every 15 minutes for Ede-Wageningen. At Ede-Wageningen railway station you can take a bus (take line 52 or 88) outside the railway station which brings you to Wageningen bus terminal. The Hof van Wageningen is located approximately 250 meters to the West. The railway trip takes around 1 hour and the bus trip around 20 minutes.

Sidansvarig:  Anna Palmé

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Venue and travelling
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