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On the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources in Europe: a stakeholder analysis

Workshop in Wageningen, November 25–29, 2013

Stakeholders representing the plant genetic resource (PGR) sector were invited to a meeting to discuss the constraints in the conservation and use of PGR in Europe. More than 80 people from 21 countries attended the workshop, representing stakeholders from public research institutes, breeding companies, governments, agro NGOs and gene banks. The goal of the workshop was to assist this community in the development of a joint action plan aiming at the improvement of the PGR conservation and use situation in Europe.


As input to the conference, a report was provided on the current state of PGR conservation and use in Europe. This report is based on interviews of stakeholders from all over Europe, an online questionnaire and subsequent analysis of the institutional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the current European PGR system which we observed. Our main findings and recommendations are presented in the report to help structuring and stimulating the workshop discussions. The elaboration of a joint action plan approved by the workshop members is our ultimate goal.

After the workshop the feedback from the participants was integrated into a final report, “On the sustainable use and conservation of plant genetic resources in Europe”.

The workshop is held in the context of the PGR Secure project, a collaborative project funded under the EU
 Seventh Framework Programme, THEME KBBE.2010.1.1-03, 'Characterization of biodiversity resources for wild
 crop relatives to improve crops by breeding', Grant agreement no. 266394."

Sidansvarig:  Anna Palmé