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Fishing in the gene pool

The EUCARPIA PGR meeting will gather scientists, breeders and people from the genebank community from all around Europe and the world. Theme of the meeting is Pre-Breeding - fishing the gene pool where we will discuss how we can better use our genetic resources to cope with problems that mankind is facing.

Title:  Pre-breeding – fishing in the gene pool

Location: Sweden, Alnarp (+ accommodations in Malmö)

We will address in general the genomics of the genebanks, crop wild relatives, multifunctional agriculture and traits to address climate change. We will talk about the role of genebanks for food security, genetic diversity for health and nutrition, genetic endowments for reducing agriculture´s footprints and intellectual property management.

The meeting is arranged by NordGen and SLU (the Swedish University of Agriculture).

Visit the meeting homepage for practical information.