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Upcoming events

Upcoming events; registration has opened

EVA course

NordGen Farm Animals will arrange a two-part workshop on Optimal Contribution Selection (OCS) and EVA (EVolutionary Algorithm) software 4th-8th of November, 2013, in Vilnius Lithuania.

Participants may choose to register for both or only one of the consecutive parts: “Part I – Introductory” and “Part II – Advanced”. The main target group of the workshop is animal breeding specialists in the Nordic and Baltic countries; e.g., representatives of breeding organizations, research institutes, universities, and genetic resource centers. The maximum number of participants per part is 20.

“Introductory” is targeted to participants with no or limited experience on OCS. “Advanced” is for participants with fairly solid experience on OCS and a desire to implement it in complex breeding schemes.

Please, follow the link to workshop homepages for detailed information of the program, practical details, and registration and accomodation information.

Participants will be registered on a “first-come-first-served” basis. However, priority will be given to participants from Nordic and Baltic Countries.

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Conference on effects of climate change

27th-29th of January 2014, an international conference on "Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in a Changing Climate" will be arranged in Lillehammer, Norway. This conference is organized by four networks in the Programme "Impacts of Climate Change in Nordic Primary Industries" , and NordGen Forest. The conference is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and NordForsk. The following topics are amongst the themes to be covered in the conference:

  • Climate change prediction
  • Effects of climate change on bioproduction and biodiversity
  • What genetic challenges do we face in the future?
  • Are populations capable of adapting to the predicted climate changes?
  • State of the art genetic tools to quantify and understand diversity and adaptation traits
  •  Genetic resource characterization and utilization (gene banks), characterization of natural populations
  • Climate change—for better or worse? (Aspects of longer season, higher temperature, higher variability)

Please, follow the link to conference homepages for registration and abstract submission.