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Plantdagarna 2012

Skogforsk arranges seminar "Plantdagarna" (formerly "Plantans dag") every two years. The seminar discusses current topics in the field of forest regeneration and production of plant reproductive material. The latest seminar was held in Skokloster near Stockholm in November 2012.

Conniflex-suojauksen ensimmäisessä vaiheessa kone valuttaa liimaa kosteiden paakkutaimien rungolle. Valokuva: Katri Himanen

Photo: Katri Himanen

This time the seminar concentrated on mechanical protection against pine weevils, on new technology in nurseries, including the potential of LED-lighting, and the possibilities to increase yield in pine seed orchards. New, threatening plant pathogens were also discussed and the seminar ended with a visit to a modern nursery in Lugnet.

A summary of the seminar, written in Finnish by Katri Himanen and Marja Poteri (Finnish Forest Research Institute), can be read through this link.