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EVA - new version

EVA - new version available for download

EVA is a software tool aimed at describing inbreeding in a population and to predict genetic contributions to maximize response to selection given a penalty on rate of inbreeding. EVA program can be used for control of inbreeding, optimal balancing of inbreeding and selection to achieve sustainable and persistent breeding. EVA works regardless of population sizes and structure and is successfully applied and tested in both mainstream commercial populations in the Nordic countries and endangered populations in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The EVA program should be used to

1. Describe the history of a population in terms of

  • Individual inbreeding coefficients and completeness of pedigree
  • Average inbreeding, coancestry, pedigree completeness and generation equivalents per timestep
  • Genetic contributions
    • All founders
    • Most contributing ancestor
    • Any user specified individuals to any individual or timestep

2. Optimising genetic contributions

  • To optimize a linear function of genetic merit and average additive relationships

The latest version is EVA version 2.0. The main new things in this version are

  • EVA (optimal contribution selection) and EVA_Inbred (description of populations in terms of inbreeding, genetic contributions, relationships and pedigree completeness) are now combined in one program
  • EVA now has an option to write the relationship matrix to file or read the relationship matrix from file. The last option allows for the use of e.g. genomic relationship matrices.
  • The graphical user interface (separate program) is not included in the current version due to incompatibilities.

Eva version 2.0 is available for Windows (running in a DOS shell) and Linux. The download includes a Getting started manual and examples.

For further information contact Peer Berg ( or Anne Præbel (

IMG_2436 (500x375)

Finnish participants of latest EVA-course arranged in Riga, Latvia, June 2012.