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NBMP in Latvia

A workshop with the title 'Documentation characterisation and distribution of vegetatively propagated plant genetic resources' was held in Riga in September. The network consisted in coworkers and staff from gene banks, clonal archives, researches and administrators within the agricultural sector. The workshop was represented by Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The workshop was partly financed from The Nordic Council of Ministers to enhance the transfer of knowledge for mutual benefit, harmonisation of standards and cross-sectoral cooperation.

First day of the workshop all countries gave a short presentation of their work with plant genetic resources and a status report of their National Programs.

The SESTO documentation system was presented with a module that documents vegetatively propagated plants and information about where the material is situated in the clonal archives.

Second day was planned for a excursion to the Latvian State Fruit Breeding institute in Dobele. The scientific work in the institute was presented as well as the orchards and the diversity of all apple varieties.


cut apple

Last day, there was a discussion about the procedures of sending material and handling SMTA's (Standard Material Transfer Agreement). There were differences between the countries in the amount of material that were requested from researches and hobbyusers, and the procedure of sending SMTA's.

Two presentations about molecular markers was presented: 'Fingerprinting of the Latvian fruit and berry collection' and 'Fingerprinting of the Latvian potatoe collection with SSR and DArT markers'.

The Project manager and organizer was Dainis Rungis, from the Latvian State Forest Research Institute , "Silava"

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Photo: Lena Ansebo


apple varieties