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EVA workshop

Nordic and Baltic animal breeding experts learning EVA

NordGen Farm Animals, in collaboration with Latvian Agriculture Data Centre, arranged on the 13th-15th of June a workshop "Managing small populations with pedigree and/or genomic information" in Riga, Latvia . The workshop for Nordic and Baltic animal breeding experts gathered 23 participants from seven countries.

Experts of dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goat, horse and fish breeding representing breeding organizations, research institutes, universities, data recording, and conservation centers were gathered in Riga. During their 2.5-day stay participants got an introduction to the theory of genetic contributions and the control of rates of genetic gain and inbreeding by controlling genetic contributions of individuals. A new version of the EVA software, allowing the use of relationships based either on pedigree and/or genetic markers, was introduced. The main focus of this year's EVA workshop was to offer participants an opportunity to establish experience in using the newest EVA version and interpreting results based on hands-on exercises. Additionally, Chief Scientist Mark Henryon (Pig Research Centre, Denmark) shared his experiences on how optimal contirbution selection using the EVA software can be implemented and used in long-term optimization of a practical pig breeding scheme.

The latest EVA version will be available for download by the end of the summer, both for Windows and Linux.

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Workshop participants on a field trip arranged by the Latvian Agriculture Data Centre.