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Welcome to workshop in Iceland

NordGen Farm Animals and The Agricultural University of Iceland are hosting a workshop on the Socio-economic and Cultural Values of Farm Animal Breeds


The program includes a two-day workshop (7th and 8th September) and a one-day field trip (9th September).

Four main sessions:

  1. Human-animal relationships, historical perspectives
  2. Conservation of endangered farm animal breeds in the frame of sustainable development
  3. Methodological approaches to value farm animals and local breeds
  4. Conservation policies and practices

The Workshop updates the current state-of-the-art on the research field, finds the tools to incorporate the scientific results in socio-economic and political processes, identifies gaps in the scientific knowledge, promotes new scientific proposals and improves networking among social, cultural and agricultural scientists and other stakeholders.

Read the full invitation here, with further information about keynote speakers, program and details for registration.

The program is now ready, including presentations from submitted abstracts. Read the full program here.

We thank European Science Foundation for financial contribution and kind support.