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Workshop, PPP on Pre-breeding

Workshop on Nordic PPP on Pre-breeding February 2011, Conference hotel Siikaranta, Finland

Presentations during 17 of February

Setting the scene

Kirsi Heinonen, MMM, Finland  - Opening address  
Roland von Bothmer, SLU, NordGen - Introcuction  
Elcio Guimares, CIAT - Global Pre-breeding Strategies with focus on Minor Crops  
Michael Mackay, Bioversity - Efficient use of Plant Genetic Resources  
Anders Nilsson, SLU - Nordic Pre-Breeding Strategies  
Paul Brennan, CropGen International - Seeds of Discovery: exploiting global genetic resources for food security  

Session 1 Present Situation in breeding and pre-breeding

Chair: Kirsi Heinonen

Morten Rasmussen, NordGen - Framework for Nordic PPP
Magne Gullord, Felleskjöpet/Graminor - Breeding for the Nordic region
Mati Koppel, Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute - Integration of the use of Plant Genetic Resources in Practical Breeding
Ahmed Jahoor, Nordic Seed - Pre-breeding for Disease Resistance in Cereals
Aslaug Helgadottir, LBHI - Pre-breeding in Forage grasses

Session 2 Changed demands for future plant varietis

Chair: Isaak Rashal

Michael Lyngkjaer, KU Life - Climate change
Åsmund Björnstad, UMB - Sustainability -what are the challenges?
Nigel Kilby, Boreal - Old and new technology in plant breeding
Sören K. Rasmussen, KU Life - Biotechnology assisted wheat breeding for organic agriculture
Rasmus Lund Hjortshöj, Sejet - GM breeding in cereals, or not

Session 3 Changed demands for future plant varietis

Chair: Åsmund Björnstad

Max Schulman, MTK - Demands from the Nordic farmer
Magne Gullord, Felleskjöpet/Graminor - Time perspective in investments
Anders Nilsson, SLU - Links to marketing efforts