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Baltic Sea Network for Management and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources

30th Nov. - 1st Dec. 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia held at the Ministry of Agriculture (Lai 39/41)


Tuesday 30th November 2010
Welcome and opening of workshop –  Külli Kaare, Ministry of Agriculture, Estonia & Morten Rasmussen, NordGen

The Nordic Council of Ministers and the EU Baltic Sea Strategy - Marianne Røgeberg (NordForsk) Presentation>>

NordForsk: Main objectives, strategy, activities - Marianne Røgeberg (NordForsk) Presentation >>
NordForsk in Brief: Presentation >>

Knowledge-based Bio-economy(KBBE) - Meelis Sirendi ARCHIMDEA Presentation >>

Session I: AEGIS - setting the scene for PGR conservation in the Baltic Sea region

An update on AEGIS -  Lorenzo Maggioni  (ECPGR Rome)
General gene bank standards, MAA – Lorenzo Maggioni  (ECPGR Rome) Presentation >>

AEGRO project – Results and future impact - Lothar Frese (Julius Kühn Institut, Quedlinburg ) Presentation >>

Forage grasses – Poa Database Development and assigning Most original sample -  Evelyn Willner (Institut für Pflanzenkultur Genebank-Malchow-Poel) Presentation >>

In Situ management of genetic resources in protected areas – Erik Persson, NordGen Presentation >>

Session II: Facilitation of AEGIS development in our region

  3 Parallel workshops:
  WS group 1: Cereal crops   – example Rye
  WS group 2: Forage crops  – example Forage grasses
  WS group 3: Vegetables     – example Potato (or Allium)
Wednesday 1st December 2010

Short country presentations

PGR activities in Estonia - Külli Annamaa Presentation >>
Conservation and evaluation of Plant Genetic Resources in Latvia - Dainis Ruņģis Presentation >>
Management and Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources in Lithuania - Bronislovas Gelvonauskis  Presentation>>
Plant genetic conservation and Plant breeding in Poland - Zofia Bulinska - Radomska Presentation >>

Session IV: Establishing Networks:  Identification of regional conservation stakeholders

Establishing networks of interest as contingency plans, prepared for coming international calls and funding options.
   Suggested themes to address:
1   Development of conservation strategies
2   Facilitating use of PGR
3   In situ conservation of crop wild relatives
4   On farm conservation of landraces
5   Conservation of old cultural plants – Relict species
   Further was suggested:
   Workshop on inventories was suggested
   Plant genetic resources interaction with food development and quality
The workshop is organized by the Estonian Committee for Plant genetic resources and NordGen - Nordic Genetic Resource Center, Sweden