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NordGen Forest Thematic day March 2017

Forest seed and plants in the green shift

On World Forestry Day, 21 March, a NordGen Forest thematic day on forest seed and plants was arranged in Asker, Norway. Breeding and regeneration is increasing in Norway during coming years, due to political signals and economic subsidies. The thematic day was exploring future scenarios of the green shift, related to carbon storage, adaptation to climate change and sustainable breeding.


Johanna Witzell from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences had an engaging talk about risks in the future climate regime. Photo: Lars Sandved Dalen/NIBIO

The quality of seed and plants planted today is decisive for the wood quality of the forest in 70-100 years.

Pål Vidar Sollie from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food opened the meeting, with pointing to the importance of forests in the development of a bioeconomy - forests for carbon storage and green products, as well as making income for the forest sector. Sollie also highlighted the importance of clear responsibilities between management and commerce, public and private sector. Through the white paper "Verdier i vekst - Konkurransedyktig skog- og trenæring" (Meld.St.6) more emphasis is put on the forests role ahead, and political and economic measures is put in place. Increased funding is raised for forest tree breeding and for enabeling increased regeneration by planting more densely in the forest.

The thematic day hosted around 70 participants, most of whom were representing the Norwegian forest sector, as well as some Nordic guests.

Presentations and more info
All the presentations from the thematic day are available here.

More info and interviews from the thematic day at NIBIOs web page.


70 participants from forest research, management, seed and plant producers and forest commerce took part in the discussions during the day. Photo: Lars Sandved Dalen/NIBIO