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Nordic CWR

Conservation and sustainable use of crop wild relatives: a Nordic initiative

Bevarande och hållbart bruk av vilda kulturväxtsläktingar: ett nordiskt initiativ

Jens Weibull, Heli Fitzgerald, Birgitte Lund, Anna Palmé and Hjörtur Þorbjörnsson

"The basis of human civilization rests on plants and their products. All crops grown today have once been brought from the wild plant kingdom. The future of humankind stands and falls with our management of these vital resources. In a two-year project led by NordGen, the regional genebank located in Alnarp, the five Nordic countries have recently joined their efforts in developing principles regarding conservation and use of crop wild relatives and making priorities among the wild genetic resources growing in our part of the world..."

Read full article here  (Sveriges Utsädesförenings Tidskrift 2-2016)

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Sibirisk gräslök

Photo: Åsmund Asdal